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Our fitness regimes are a vital part of our lives. We shape our daily schedules, be it sleep, meal portions or work stress, depending upon how our regimes go.

Workouts are an essential part of our fitness regimes. It not only makes us shed excess fat but help to build muscles that make us stronger. In order to have the body toned up and fit, a few simple exercises can be added to the daily regimes.

Here are workouts which can be performed daily in order to tone up your entire body.

1. Glutes Bridge

  • Lie down with your legs bent, knees facing up
  • Place your hands on each side of your body
  • Slowly, raise your buttocks up and maintain for about 2 seconds
  • Bring it down and repeat 10 times in 3 reps

2. Side Planks

  • Lie sideways on your right elbow
  • Bend your legs and stack them one over another
  • Keeping your left hand akimbo, raise your hips off the ground
  • Maintain this pose for 30 seconds on initial stages
  • Try 3 reps.

3. Single-Leg Deadlifts

  • On the ground in front of you, place two kettle balls side by side
  • Bring your right leg between the kettle balls
  • Lower your body down from over your hips towards the ground
  • Keep your left leg at the back on your toes
  • Raise your glutes and shoulders so that the body does not slouch
  • Hold the kettle balls with both hands and raise your self up
  • To repeat the process, take your left step back on toes and lower down
  • Repeat this 10 times in 3 reps

4. Standing Overhead Dumb-bell Presses

  • Hold dumb-bells on both hands and stand upright
  • Raise your hands on both sides, upper arms being parallel to the ground
  • Dumb-bells should be raised up
  • Lift the hands over your head
  • Lower them down to the previous position
  • Try this 10 times in 3 reps

5. Burpees

  • Bring your body down to a squat position
  • Kick back your legs and balance your body on the feet and hands
  • Bring your body down to do one pushup
  • Jump back and stand up from the position
  • Try this 10 times for 3 reps

6. Crunches

  • Lie down and bring your knees up
  • Your feet should be flat on the floor
  • Take your arms behind your head, inhale
  • Raise your head and neck with the help of your hands and exhale while doing so
  • Repeat this 15 times in 3 reps

7. Lunges

  • Stand with your back straight
  • Bring your right foot forward
  • Bend your right knee down, prompting the left knee to bend down as well at the back
  • Raise yourself up and repeat 10 times in 3 counts

8. Squats

  • Stand straight with your stomach tucked in and legs spread out beyond shoulder length
  • Bring your hands in praying position and try to go into a sitting pose
  • Your glutes should be pointing out and back straight while squatting
  • Try this 10 times in 3 counts

9. Dumb-Bells Rows

  • Stand straight with dumb-bells in each hand
  • Keeping core strength engaged, bend down from your hips, head pointing out
  • Roll your shoulders back and bend your elbows to lift the dumb-bells
  • Lower them down and repeat 10 times in 3 reps

10. Push-Ups

  • Bring your body down in plank position
  • Balance yourself on your hands and feet
  • Your arms should be shoulder width apart
  • Lift the body on your arms, raising till the lower hips
  • Bring it down and repeat 15 times in 3 reps

These exercises will guarantee proper body toning and fitness within a few weeks.

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