So you’ve been planning to try a summer detox for a while but you’re confused what to include? Here we are to your rescue. Summers are great because we have so many organic options available. Also, it is easier to detox when you’re body is warm. So here are 10 foods that will help you to start things up.


Believe it or not a cup of watermelon contains just 47 calories. This fruit has immense benefits to offer other than being great for weight loss.

It removes toxic and acidic fat cells from your body.
Its high in dietary fibre and helps in cleansing the body.
It contains powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent called glutathione which takes care of your liver.
It helps in regulating blood pressure as it is high in potassium and sodium


A cup of sliced cucumbers contain only 8 calories. This wonder veggie flushes toxins out of your body and its alkaline nature keeps acid at its bay.


Well you know what! You’re liver literally loves lemons. The amazing benefits it offers includes restoring your body’s pH, stimulating bile production and improving the functioning of your liver and kidneys by dissolving uric acid and other poisons.


These healing fruits are loaded with antiviral properties blocking toxins from passing through the blood-brain barrier. Also, these fruits have found to reduce inflammation too.


Because obviously who doesn’t like to indulge in low calorie but mouth licking fruits. It is ideal for weight loss. They have a low glycemic index meaning they are very low in sugar maintaining your blood sugar levels.


This wondrous green veggie is full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants making your body get rid of fat cells. It alkalizing nature maintains the amount of acidic produced by your body.


Packed with 95% of water, celery takes more calories to digest than it provides making it ideal for weight loss. So it’s basically a negative calorie food.


Some characteristics of them include lowering cholesterol, dilating your blood vessels and hence preventing you from arteriosclerosis and detoxifying effects on the liver as they contain glutathione.

Mint leaves

They not only cool your body during summer; but help you to digest food more effectively by improving your bile flow from the liver to gall bladder and then to your small intestine.

Flax seeds

Loaded with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; they help in reducing inflammation, stabilizing blood sugar and promoting a healthy intestine.

The concept of a ideal detox plan for summer is a misnomer because those plans might not suit your body type or the foods they list might not be easily available. Indulge in plans which ease you into an effortless follow up. Start small and low and then expand your base. Let the results grow.

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