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Who doesn’t like a fresh new splash of paint to design their cuticles. Moreover, it is almost winter, best time to show off the brilliant shades of holiday and cheer!

Let’s keep the Classic French Manicure at the back seat and try a few quirky designs that will wow and woo your friends and flames.

1. The Topsy-Turvy

Take the classic design and flip it over! Simple, illusive and quite a catch to the eye.

2. Glossy Tips

A simple manicure can always be something more than classy and matte. Spill the glossy enamel over and give the cuticle tips some rad vibes.

3. Marvelous Marble

Wavy, colorful patterns should adorn more than just the home. A DIY session to for a marbled sophisticated design is so now.

4. Evil Eye-d

Let your cuticles speak your mind. Bold, daunting and loud can be just with a few chromatic strokes.

5. Mono-Chromatic

This cute and light manicure uses blank space of the nails to define the design more. Suitable even on the short and small cuticles.

6. Dash of Rainbow

This prismatic cuticle design brightens up the mood for a night of fun, chilling and good memories.

7. Galactic Bling

The universe is beautiful, cosmic and radiant. Let the stars and the vast unknown infinity glow on your cuticles.

8. Flowery Wonder

Petals are magnificently scented and hued. Bring about this vibrant nature’s wonder to life the next time you wish for a DIY French manicure session.

9. Polka-Dotted Pops

One colored-manicures getting to mundane, pick up those dotting tools you can purchase online for some quirky and prismatic design idea.

10. Glimmer Gals

Sparkly and vibrant nail stones are perfect to ensemble a french manicure session. Nothing like a dash of bling and shine to those freshly coated cuticles.


Try out these unconventional and interesting ideas for the holiday season and bring out the quirkier you!

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